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Indoor play center | Why Social Interaction is Important for Kids

Updated: Apr 11

kids being social

In the early years of a child’s life, they are constantly learning—from crawling to walking and from babbling to forming sentences. They learn words, colors, shapes and of course, how to interact with the many different people in their lives.

Your little one will learn to interact by first staring at others, perhaps reaching out and showing them their favorite toy or pacifier. They try to communicate through attempted words they've learned. Young children begin to understand that communication is important in order for anyone to understand them. They, rather quickly learn, when they cry, someone will take care of them. If they point at what they need they will most likely receive it. Eventually, they will learn how to talk in sentences and communicate with more people better.

It is amazing how much youngsters learn in the first few years of their life. They are able to learn most of this from just observation. Watching other people, especially other children, opens a newfound interest in what they are watching or hearing. Social interaction is one thing that they can learn from by experiencing it for themselves. There is a lot that can be learned from social interaction, and children can learn these things from observing others interacting with each other. Children need social interaction to develop their social skills.

Social interaction is important for young children. When they are young, they will be able to learn from social experiences and develop different social skills based on those interactions. As we get older, it is hard to learn from interaction with others and change our ways. A shy person is not going to suddenly change their ways and stop being shy because it is hard to make new friends, they may try to be more outgoing and they may be slightly successful, but they will most likely not be the most outgoing person in the room. A child who learns how to interact with others properly will have an easier time in social settings throughout the rest of their lives.

It is important for your children to interact socially, whether it is through play with their siblings, befriending neighborhood kids, or visiting and playing with other children at a fun play center, like Little Bitty Barn. A play center is a great choice because they get social interaction while learning, exploring, and playing. Children learn how to share, socialize and make new friends!

At Little Bitty Barn, we understand the importance of allowing children to interact with others, have the chance to be independent, and explore their curiosities. We encourage our guests to allow their child to learn on their own and from others, while also helping them as they navigate how to share, how to politely say "no" and how to make a new friend with someone they may have just met.

Social interaction is a huge goal here at Little Bitty Barn. Your kiddos will be able to interact with other kids as well as our friendly and encouraging staff. We take joy in watching children learn how to share, make and socialize with a new friend and gain confidence in a social setting. Social environments can be overwhelming for children, and adults too! We maintain a safe and comfortable environment by requiring reservations and limited capacity for each event. You can be sure to have a fun time here at Little Bitty Barn, an indoor play center for kids, with plenty of space to play, learn, explore and of course socialize with others.

We hope to see you here, sometime, soon!

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