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Why Little Bitty Barn?

Updated: Apr 10

If you have small, young children (ages 1-10) Little Bitty Barn provides a clean, open, friendly environment for kiddos to play, learn, explore and most of all, pretend! Imaginary play has been a staple in our youth and when designing our play center, we kept all of our memories in mind and utilized our design space for just that! From being a chef at a small cafe, baking and serving delish snacks to our friends and family, to an "animal doctor" (veterinarian) to our beloved furry friends, to a heroic fire fighter saving the day! Last, but not definitely least, an avid grocery shopper for all the colorful fruits and veggies at the market, to a checkout clerk bagging all the things! It's the imaginary play that keeps the young growing and learning and provides the best of entertainment during these ample years. Little Bitty Barn offers children a space to socialize and interact with other children as they run around and explore their fun surroundings. Our children's indoor play center provides children with the stimulation they need in a safe and comfortable play place. Kiddos are able to let their imagination run wild, as they play pretend that they are in an imaginative scenario as they move from scene to scene within our little bitty barn. We are sure you will absolutely love our play center and look forward to your visit, again and again!

little bitty barn cafe located in van alstyne texas

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