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Indoor Children's Play Center | How Old is "Too Old" for Imaginary Play?

Updated: Apr 10

older kid playing with younger kid little bitty barn in Van Alstyne texas

When planning for your child's birthday and researching venues, we often think to ourselves, "how old is too old" for this type of venue? We consider large open-air venues for children to run wild and free, huge play gyms and trampoline parks to intimate play centers focused on imaginary play. We want to make an investment that will be remembered and enjoyed by all the children involved and with that comes many questions and concerns regarding age-appropriate activities. Everyone has their own interests and preferences, and there is no age limit on having fun or being creative!

When it comes to imaginary play centers, most children stop playing pretend around 10 to 12 years of age, but some kiddos may continue to play pretend for longer. Pretend play is an important part of childhood development. It helps children learn about the world around them, develop imaginations, and work through their emotions. The interaction between other children helps build social strengths that can only be built through imaginary play and socializing.

With all of what we as parents must consider when planning for our children's birthday parties, safety is always a priority! Small event centers, like Little Bitty Barn, ensure safety for our kiddos as they are indoors, safe and easily cared for. Imaginary Play all depends on each individual child and can be a great, fun, safe party venue for kiddos ages 1 to 12!

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