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Four reasons why an indoor play center is perfect for kids.

Updated: Apr 10

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Keeping kiddos happy all while attempting to entertain them can be a tough job. They have so much energy and just want to run around and be stimulated through fun activities and toys, of which they usually get bored rather quickly. Let's be honest. Staying in the house all day is just too much for kids and adults the same! You have to get out and find fun things to do! That's where an indoor play center is the perfect solution! Indoor play centers are a great way to allow your kids to run around, get that energy out, play with other kids, and stretch their minds.

Our top four reasons why an indoor play center makes the perfect play date:

  1. Weather never plays a factor - this is our favorite reason, because you never have to worry about a rainy or cold, winter day. It's even great during the summer, hot days. No matter the weather, it's always perfect indoors :).

  2. Exercise - There are so many places for your little ones to stretch, run around, explore and release that build-up energy and curiosity.

  3. Safety - A small, indoor play center means your child is within vision & reach at all times. No need to worry about them running too far off in the distance, as they will remain close enough to watch over.

  4. Hand-eye coordination/Mental Stimulation - play centers provide many different opportunities for children to work on their hand-eye coordination (without even knowing it) Mental stimulation and imaginary play always leads to a tired, sleepy kiddo.

The next time you are trying to think of fun things to do, consider a play date at Little Bitty Barn! We offer several different open play dates/times throughout the week, so book a play session and we look forward to having you come join us and play!

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